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Education & Employment Tips: Apprenticeships – Hands-on Learning

An apprentice is an individual seeking training in a particular skills or areas while you work for an employer.Knowledge becomes productive only when applied effectively and this is the concept with apprenticeship.Apprenticeships help bring fresh talent to light and the governments and organizations all around the world are considering ways to increase the number of apprenticeships which greatly enhance students’ knowledge and career prospects.Apprenticeships are common and were traditionally a part of vocations such as tailoring, plumbing, masonry, carpentry, folk art, crafts, bricklaying, stone cutting, metal works and so on.Apprenticeships or internships as we call them today are systematic training programs for an individual or a group of professionals with set hours of work and pay and can live often at the master’s office or house.Government-funded apprenticeships result in the creation of skilled workforce which in turn helps the economy.


An apprenticeship is an option for students who have completed 18 years of age, having completed 12 years of schooling.However, a 16 year old can apply provided there is a consent from the parents.Depending on the demands of the job and the skill level of the applicant, the duration of apprenticeships could begin with one year and go on to four years.

The practical experience gained at the workplace makes the course come together, you enjoy the change of scene from the college and conditional offers at the end of internship might just be the impetus you needed to give your best in the final year of college.

Some of the key benefits of pursuing apprenticeships are listed below.

Earn while you learn: As an apprentice, you will have a real job and also get paid accordingly. Some places provide funding for equipment, clothing and important books that are required for apprenticeships.Learners often cannot afford to waste time in full-time educational programs, which are expensive and do not leave room for earning money.

Learn more about your job:While you learn, you also gain qualification and earn.Being a successful apprentice exhibits good knowledge and training background.The length also varies on your individual ability to meet the employer’s requirement.The hands on experience gained from learnership programs is smoothly twined with relevant theory because of the nature of learnerships, students come out as skilled professionals.Being a part of the industry will give you the exposure that is hard to attain though just text books and this increases your competitiveness and capabilities.

Support and help:During an apprenticeship, your employer will ensure you have sufficient support.

Potentials:Various levels that are offered include the intermediate, advanced and high level apprenticeships.

Options for career:Apprenticeships help prepare you for the industry that you train in and there are a lot of employers who would like to take an apprentice.

Apprenticeship creates a strong foundation for further education and also give you the opportunity to get qualified via a structured learning program.

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